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Education is going through a Teutonic shift on a global level because of technology, accessibility, and more. This is a real world (relevant) assignment that will help you with your final paper.
1.    OPINION   | February 03, 2013 

COLUMNIST:  The Virtual Middle Class Rises  (Links to an external site.)

The access to technology has expanded the
expectations of many Indians, and others around the world. This will show you
the need for education globally.
2.    Then view all the videos in the following
 link to the PSU  Blue and White Vision Council Seminar on the future of higher education which was held last week at UP. It is well worth watching these presentations.  They will give you
a current understanding and foundation of online eLearning. These speakers were brought in by the Board of Trustees to educate them on the future of higher education in order to give them guidance.   This presentation
focused on online delivery and the videos will help you understand YOUR future in education. 
You need to sign in with your Penn
State ID in order to access them. (Links to an external site.)

3.    You are to read and view these 2 items above and then write 500 -750 words and relate it to at least 2 concepts
in Chapter 14 or higher in your text citing page numbers and how it relates.

4.   The last paragraph of your paper should tell how this
information has changed or added to your thinking about your paper.

As you will see after viewing and reading this assignment, online education is evolving quickly in the global markets and organizations must change and respond on many levels within the organization if they want to be a leader in the field. The final papers you are working on will help you in developing your
online education strategy going forward in life as well! 

You are to cite the page numbers and concepts and why you think they apply to your
selection that you are focusing on for your paper. Please be specific in how it
applies (500-750 words). In your post, please put in the title what you are
As mentioned before, assignments in this on-line course also involve
interactions amongst the students in discussion boards each week where you are to read and respond to at 
least 2 of your classmate’s posts which count as 10% of your grade for each assignment. This interaction is an important part of the course design which gives all of you the opportunity to see how all your classmates respond to the
same assignment so you can learn from one another…..your opinions and civil
divergent opinions are encouraged!


Approximately 250 words