Units of competency – cpccbc5002a – monitor costing systems on medium

 Units of competency – CPCCBC5002A – Monitor costing systems on medium rise building and construction projects

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19. You have to prepare a Construction Programme for a complex multi level project where activities can logically be inprogress, concurrently on each level.

What specific major advantages are there in preparing a manual hand written logic programme, showing the activity logic connections and durations. Before attempting to data entry them into a computer generated programme like Microsoft Project?

List and explain briefly two (2) advantages

20. What is the major advantage to the Management of a construction project to know what activities in the construction program are non-critical and the amount of total float time for each activity

List and describe the advantages

21. If you add up all the total floats (stacks) of separate chains of non critical activities the total is of vital information for managing the project to finish in the shortest time

True of False?

22. During the progression of a commercial construction project inevitably actual progress is delayed behind the planned progress from the construction programme. Once identified by regular monitoring, what options are available for site management to ‘make up’ lost time, to prevent financial loss consequences from Liquidated Damages in the head contract? 

Describe in detail an action you can initiate to get back on programme.

23. When drafting the initial Construction Programme for a commercial project. What information/data should be considered to allow for anticipated delays? List four possible issues.

· Seasonal inclement weather:

· Sub-contractor delays:

· Material supplier delays:

· Industrial site issues:

24. Site management staff during the construction process are constantly required to manage the finances of the project by using ‘Cost Benefit’ analysis processes

For example, to overcome identified loss time on a project one option is utilising existing manpower resources to work additional daily hours on ‘overcome penalty rates’ to make up lost time.

What offsetting benefits can be justified to balance out the additional overtime costs?

List three (3)

25. When preparing the initial Construction Programme the programmer has to take into account some legal requirements included in the Head Contract

List three (3) specific generic commercial contract clauses that would be included.

26. Building Consultants engaged by the Architect on a commercial Construction Project are involved in the documentation of services in the Design phase. Identify circumstances in which these Building Consultants would be involved during the construction of a commercial project. List two (2) circumstances which may affect the Programme.


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