Theo 530 final exam (2019) liberty university


1. According to Erickson, physical death was an original part of the human condition and planned from the beginning.

2. Dispensationalists tend to think of their system as being, first and foremost, a…

3. Roman Catholicism is an example of

4. The view that all the prophecies concerning the Tribulation and the second coming of Christ were fulfilled in the first century, A. D.

5. According to Erickson, baptism is the outward sign of “spiritual circumcision” identifying the believer with Christ in His death and resurrection.

6. Michael Brown’s conclusion in the book Can You Be Gay and Christian? is that a Christians can be committed to Jesus and serve Him faithfully while still having homosexual attractions—recognizing those attractions as contrary to God’s design and resisting them as sinful.

7. Biblical Images of the Church as discussed by Erickson include: (Select the BEST answer)

8. Egalitarians teach that women in the New Testament functioned without limits in a leadership role as prophets.

9. Erickson agrees that a distinction is to be made between the use of “Hades” as signifying “death,” and “Gehenna” as signifying the place of eternal punishment assigned at the last judgment

10. Just as there are degrees of reward given to the saints, there will be degrees of punishment according to the teachings of Erickson and Hoyt.

11. The verdict at the judgment seat of Christ will be based on the believer’s works done in the body.

12. Hoyt teaches that the Judgment seat of Christ

13. According to Erickson Romans 6: 1– 11 is crucial to the sacramentalists’ view of baptism, because in their interpretation of this passage, baptism actually unites us with Christ.

14. Evangelical Egalitarians tend to hold:

15. According to Erickson, Heaven and Hell represent permanent conditions where

16. Erickson argues that the form the People of God took in the OT was national Israel; in the NT it is the church which began at Pentecost.

17. Erickson concludes that, in the end, the best pattern for church government argues for the congregational pattern of local autonomy.

18. According to Erickson conciliar unity between churches is the same as organic unity

19. According to Michael Brown, Jesus addressed the issue of homosexual practice in at least three different ways. Which of the following was NOT among the three that he listed?

20. The Lutheran view of the Lord’s Supper

21. According to Hoyt, the Judgment Seat of Christ is an event to be feared by all who will face it.

22. The Mid-Tribulational view is a variant of the premillennial view of Jesus’ Second Coming

23. The Judge at the Bema Seat judgment is Jesus

24. Erickson writes that the final state of the wicked and the righteous is best understood as “conditional immortality.”

25. Some dispensationalists consider the church to be a “parenthesis” in God’s program with Israel, rendering the church an afterthought in God’s plan.

26. According to Erickson, one of the reasons Ecclesiology is so misunderstood is the fact that at no point in the history of Christian thought has it been given the direct attention given to other doctrines such as Christology and the doctrine of the Trinity.

27. Erickson argues that the heart of the ministry of the church is

28. Match the following:

29. Match the following:

30. In the study of ecclesiology and eschatology it was noted that one’s hermeneutics is a key to determining how he or she will understand many of the key events such as the second coming, the millennial kingdom, and the judgments to follow. Explain this and give examples of theologians who disagree on the details of eschatology based on their approach to interpreting Bible prophecy.


Approximately 250 words