Term 5 week 2 discussions

Term 5 Week 2 Discussions

Week 2 Discussion Board (BUS6750 International Business Management)

Part 1 – Chapter 4: Describe the five cultural dimensions in Hofstede’s model. 

Part 2 – Chapter 5: Discuss John Rawls’s principles of justice. 

Part 3 – Chapter 6: Outline the relationship between economies of scale, first-mover advantages, and the pattern of trade as indicated by new trade theory. 

Unit 2 DB: Interim Testing and the Timing of the Audit (ACC440 Auditing)

Why does an auditor do it?  What types of audit work are normally accomplished in the interim period(s)?  How will the level of control risk (high risk vs. low risk) affect interim testing?  Define substantive testing.


Approximately 250 words