Summary | English homework help

Hit there, it is about 2 stories and you should write 2 summaries each one of them has question that you should answer it when you write the summaries.

Story 1 Question:

1) First reponse: How does your response to Nea develop over the coursse of the story? Is she a dynamic or a static character?

Story 2 Questions:

1) Why does Krebs avoid complications and consequences? How has the war changes his attitudes toward work and women? How is his hoetown different from Germany and France? What is the conflict in the story?

2) Why do you think Hemingway refers to the protagonist as Krebs rather than Harold? What is the significance of his sister calling him “Hare”?


Note: You should write about 8 to 10 lines for each summary with responding the answer for them 

The stories attached 

you have to finish them 12 hours 


Approximately 250 words