Stage 2 assignment | Information Systems homework help

Read Feedback highlighted in yellow in the attached Feedback document first and make corrections to Stage 1 document addressed in the Feedback.

The paper is due at 8:00 am EST Feb 10, 2019 and writer should be available for corrections that may need to be made at no extra cost. All corrections will be due by 4:00 pm EST Feb 10, 2019

Then complete Stage 2 of the assignment layout in the Attached Stage 2 document. It should build on the stage 1 and not be a separate document. All sections in the Stage 2 document highlighted in yellow need to be included along with all charts. The paper is based off of the case study in the Maryland Technology document. 

 For this assignment you will prepare the second section of your report in which you will analyze a given business process, explain how IT could be used to support it, and assess the benefits of applying information technology to improve the process. The paper should not exceed three double-spaced pages and must include at least two references. Prior to beginning this assignment, be sure you have read all of the materials, completed the quizzes, participated in the discussions provided in weeks 3 and 4, and completed the Stage 1 Assignment. They will prepare you to be successful in writing your paper. Be sure to read and follow the assignment instructions carefully and use this week’s reading, Analyzing Process Improvements Supported by IT, to guide your work. 


Approximately 250 words