Questions ch 8 | Information Systems homework help

Ch. 8 Discussion Questions

1. How would you describe Web 2.0 to someone who has not taken a course in information systems?

2.  If you were the CEO of a company, would you pay attention to blogs  about your company? Why or why not? If yes, would you consider some  blogs to be more important or more reliable than are others? If so,  which ones? How would you find blogs relating to your company?

3.  Do you have a page on a social networking Web site? If yes, why? If no,  what is keeping you from creating ones? Is there any content that you  definitely would notpost on such a page? 

4. How can an organization best employ social computing technologies and applications to benefit its business processes?

5. What factors might cause an individual, an employee, or a company to be cautious in the use of social networks?

6. Why are advertisers so interested in social networks?

7.  What sorts of restrictions or guidelines should firms place on use of  social networks by employees? Are social computing sites a threat to  security? Can they tarnish a firm’s reputation? If so, how? 

8. Why are marketers so interested in social networks?

9. Why are human resource managers so interested in social networks?


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  Book to be used : 

Management Information Systems, Rainer, Prince, Watson, 3rd Edition


Approximately 250 words