Networking essay | Computer Science homework help


Requirement:  Document your home network setup, in as much detail as possible 

a) Create a network diagram like Figure 6.3

b) Discuss the components of your network, in well-written paragraphs. 

c) Include YOUR OWN system specifics:

•Model names/numbers;•Bandwidth specifications;•Costs;etc.

 c) Provide your own feedback about home networking: 

•Love it, Hate it, Outsourced it•Your history and past experiences with home networking

Follow the normal requirements for all essays:

   – 700 to 800 words

   – Use required format

   – Must include at least 5 references

Essay Grading

1. Format  – Max 10 Points

          – Points will be deducted if Required format for essays (see Main Moodle Page for our class) is not followed

2. References – Max 10 Points

          – Points will be deducted if references are missing

3.  Content – Max 80 Points

          3.a  (20 points) Word Count:   Must be between 700 and 800 words. Points deducted for too few or too many words,

          3.b  (20 points) Spelling/Grammar: Points deducted for excessive mistakes.

          3.c  (20 points) Quoted Sources: Points will be deducted for excessive quoting. 

          3.d  (20 points) Your comments and ideas: Points will be deducted if your essay does not include original comments, in your own words.


Approximately 250 words