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I found your discussion points profound and mentally stimulating, especially your comment on victims of violence forgiving their attackers or doing acts of compassion to help them cope with the trauma they had endured. The findings of Gull and Rana (2013) corroborate your statement as they explained in their pilot study of 10 males and 10 females, where they carried out an investigated of the manifestation of forgiveness on the quality of life and subjective well-being of participants. They found nine beneficial effects of forgiveness, as well as men reporting experiencing more contentment and spiritual development when they practice forgiveness; meanwhile, women reported experiencing more tolerance and a reduction in negative thoughts when they practice forgiveness. It is not known if the participants were victims of violence as the researchers reported that they used a sample of convenience; however, do you think the public should be educated on the results of this pilot study as well as your suggestive comment? 


Gull, M., & Rana, S., (2013). Manifestation of forgiveness, subjective well-being, and quality of life. Journal of Behavioral Science; Lahore, 23(2), 17-36. 


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