Management analytics | Management homework help

This assignment requires you to build and estimate a model using Microsoft Excel or specialist

software to address a management problem. Please upload both your report and data analysis file

on Moodle.


You are required to find a management decision problem in any company. Using Excel (or specialised

software), conduct an analytics for the problem, and interpret the results. You are required to submit a

technical report (1,500 words) that discusses the managerial problem, the results, their implications and

makes recommendations for improvement.

Your report will be marked according to the following criteria: problem description;

modelling and solution; discussion on the result; managerial recommendations.

Data is provided on 1000 HyTex customers

so want paper on Hytex company

The grade components will be approximately distributed as follows:

Introduction (5%)

Descriptive analysis (20%)

Regression analytics (25%)

Managerial interpretations and implications (40%)

Conclusion (10%)


Approximately 250 words