Info321 assignment 3 | Nursing homework help

Assignment Instructions

There are 2 parts to this week’s assignment.
Download the attached instruction details.

The objective is to perform the same tasks; first, by issuing SQL commands, and then by using MS Access (use the graphical interface to perform the tasks).

Part A SQL (70%); by following the detailed instructions you will Create a table, Insert data into that table, and use Select commands to select and display data from the table.

Submit one Word document, which includes the text of the SQL commands, and screen captures of the commands along with the Web site’s feedback.

Part B MS Access (30%): use MS Access to create the same tables, load the same content and perform the same Queries.
The MS Access database is submitted.

Two files will be submitted – a word document for Part A and an Access database for Part B.


Approximately 250 words