Incidence response and disaster recovery – csf 3103

Higher Colleges of Technology


A group of students will be required to analyze the requirements of the Company XYZ. Following points to be considered during analysis. Please read the project specification document carefully.

1.     Operations

2.     Data center

3.     Network infrastructure

a.      Logical Diagram

b.     Physical Diagram

4.     Normal Operations

5.     Physical Security Issues

6.     Disaster Recovery Implementation

a.      RAID 1, 3, 5 Implementation

b.     Windows Server 2012 cluster implementation


After analysis of the company the group is required to design a Contingency Plan which mainly includes Incident Response and Disaster Recovery Plan. Once the IR and DR plan is ready a practical implementation of the solution will be required. The practical implementation will require to setup RAID 1, 3, 5 and failover cluster configuration on the Windows Server 2012. The project will require at least 5 weeks of continuous work. You will be working on the project at your own free time, however one hour of class time per week will be allocated to discuss the project with each team. All the resources such as operating system, computers and support will be provided by the college.

During the discussion each team member must be present. A team leader will be chosen by the team members who will be responsible for communication and project progress, and team meetings. Team members will be selected during the class time in week 7.

Students can use different templates available on the internet to seek help in designing the project requirements. A proper reference should be listed, if any internet resource is used.


Approximately 250 words