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The purpose of this assignment is to assess your analysis and application of the concepts and content of Lessons 1 – 4. In these lessons you studied wellness, infectious diseases, health screenings and assessments, promoting safe practices through effective classroom management, and child abuse and neglect. For this Signature Assignment, you will reflect on what you learned in Lessons 1- 4 and how you can use this information to promote safety and wellness for young children. The Signature Assignment has three components:

  • Visit a family child care setting, child care center, or preschool classroom. Write a report of your visit. In the report include:
    • The type of site (family child care, child care center, a preschool classroom, etc.), the number of children and teachers at the site, and the time and length of your visit
    • Best practice supervision strategies used during arrival, departure, and transition times that enhance safety
    • A description of the routines and schedules at the site
    • A description of how the teachers created a safe indoor and outdoor environment to minimize risks, hazards, and unintentional injuries
    • A description of how the teachers partner with families and the community to promote children’s safety and wellness
    • Precautions used at the site to prevent the spread of infectious diseases
  • Reflect on your visit and identify practices you observed that were in conflict with what you studied in Lessons 1 – 4. Based on your reflection, identify each concern and offer an appropriate best practice to remediate the concern.
  • Your state and local community’s prevention requirements including the following:  
    • the pre-employment health assessments required for child care and/or preschool teachers
    • your state’s immunizations exemptions 
    • incidence and prevalence of child abuse and neglect in students community
  • Your state and local community’s requirements for reporting abuse and neglect, including the following: 
    • your state’s reporting requirements for suspected child abuse or neglect
    • resources and services available for children and families who are victims of abuse and neglect
  • The Signature Assignment should be written in 950 – 1000 words.


Approximately 250 words