Diverse population and healthcare | Nursing homework help


Application of Healthy People 2030 to Diverse Populations

 Design a plan to promote a healthy lifestyle in a population or culture of your choice while being guided by the vision and goals of Healthy People 2030.

  • Identify a population or culture that would benefit from nursing care. To begin to formulate your plan;
  • Describe the Vision Statement of Healthy People 2030. Next;
  • Choose 1 goal of Healthy People.
  • Apply knowledge of the subjective and objective determinants of health and illness to your population or culture.
  • Integrate your chosen Healthy people 2030 goal and discuss potential barriers to implementing your plan.
  • Integrate advanced practice knowledge of pharmacology into your plan.

Develop an infographic that is public-facing for a special population using one of the templates from the web site


Approximately 250 words