Casestudy assignment | Business & Finance homework help

Read the Alibaba case study (see attachment) and answer the following questions with substantive answers in a cohesive essay. Your paper should be at least 3 pages in length. Use proper grammar, spelling, citations, etc.

1. How does blockchain-based remittance fit into Alibaba’s cloud offerings?       

 2. What unique value does blockchain technology provide in Alibaba’s remittance offering?        

3. What are other areas of application for blockchain in Alibaba’s cloud business?        4. What is Alibaba’s strategy to overcome the “chicken and egg” problem of insufficient transaction liquidity and eventually achieve network effects with its remittance service?      

Compose your essay in APA format, including the introduction and conclusion, and in-text citations for all sources used. In addition to your 3 page (minimum) essay, you must include an APA-style title page and reference page.


Approximately 250 words