Case vignette presentation | Social Science homework help

Analyze a case and create a strengths-based assessment and plan of action to be presented to the class.  Remember to demonstrate how you are using appropriate social work knowledge, skills, values as well as cognitive and affective processes to engage and understand your client’s situation. 

• Who are you? What agency do you work for? How is your agency in contact with the client? 

• What are the client’s strengths? Use your ROPES model or any other similar model. 

• How does ethnicity, religion, socio-economic status, race, gender/sex diversity impact your client’s situation? Demonstrate how you are using a human behavior in the social environment perspective. 

• Describe the process by which you set goals with your client? 

• Apply one of the change-oriented approaches from Chapter 13 to the client scenario. Explain why this is the best choice for your client? 

• What referrals and community connections need to be made for the client in Harris County, Texas? 

• Create an eco-map for the scenario. 

With the attachment of case studies, use case #13.

One page-outlining the questions mentioned above. 

One page-designed eco-map for the scenario.


Approximately 250 words