case analysis report | English homework help

You have 4 files: The case, the questions, the APA format template, and the APA with comments.

I need 5 full pages

1. Read the case thoroughly.

2. Provide your answers to the questions (check the below Case questions) for the case. This  is an individual assignment. You are not allowed to work with other  students. SafeAssign will check the plagiarism (Similarity index) of  your report.  

3. Submit your report thru the SafeAssign submission link (Title of this page).

Format: APA format  preferred (check the APA Format Guideline & Example in  Syllabus|Outline|Grading). New Times Roman, 12 font size, Double space.  The case has enough data/information, so no need to use outside  resources. There is no page limit for this assignment, but a typical  report is normally between 5-7 pages exclude title and references. DO  NOT wait until the last minute. You can submit your report as early as  you wish.

Evaluation: Report will  be evaluated by criteria such as Proper use of data/information from  the case (5 points); Proper application of strategy analysis tools &  concepts (10 points); Degree/depth of analytical and evaluative  analysis (10 points); and Organization and format of the report (Page  requirement, grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors) (5 points).


Approximately 250 words