Assignment #1 | cit 622 | Nova Southeastern University

 Assignment 1: The Plan (700 words minimum)

 If you are not currently working in a school or university, assume you are a classroom teacher at a level and type of networked school of your choice. Create a plan fora classroom with four networked computers, a computer lab with 25 networked computers,or a portable wireless lab with 25 laptops/netbooks/mobile devices. From information gleaned from course materials and online research. You will present an idea for using computer resources that your workplace has not yet purchased. After identifying the target student audience; grade level, individual, small or large group, etc., use information about technology solutions with high relative advantage for teaching/learning Technology Solutions with Potential for High Relative Advantage (Table 2.7, p. 56 of the text). Is the technology resource for problem-solving, drill and practice, simulation, etc.

Discuss how this new technology resource will give students opportunities to gain new content, reinforce and enhance skills through drill and practice, use higher order thinking skills through creation of multimedia, problem solve through simulation etc.

Explain the need and rationale for using this resource for diverse learners including accommodations for adaptive and assistive technologies. How does the resource align with it’s district and state curricula and district and state content and technology standards?

Then, in paragraph form, use Phases 1 through 3 of the technology integration planning model

(Figure 2.8, and Phase 1 – Phase 3 focus, p. 53 of the text), to describe how you would goabout deciding how to integrate the technology into a grade level or subject area classroomactivity.Make sure to include technical and budget sections in which you discuss costs andoutline plans and guidelines to configure software/computer/technology systems in theclassroom cluster and labs to use and share this resource. Discuss scheduling and cost issues.Meet with the school or district technology specialist get information to answer thefollowing questions:.1) How are local mass storage devices and media to store and shareinformation and resources installed? Address relevant issues regarding support personnel andpolicies for selecting, installing, and maintaining wide area networks for the school districtand/or facilitated integration of a WAN in the plan. Mention needed provisions for softwarepackages used to operate a computer network system and/or local area network (LAN).For the technology use you described above, in paragraph form, use Phase 3 of thetechnology integration planning model (Figure 2.8, and Phase 3 focus, p. 63-64 of the text), tooutline a detailed action research plan that will help you determine whether or not yourtechnology use is having the impact you hoped. How will you manage student learning andprogress using this resource? Be sure to include a description of the data to be collected andcollection methods and instruments you would need, as well as the procedures for using themto assess the impact of the technology-based strategy.2) How will this information be shared,and which stakeholders need to be informed? This written plan will be presented to thecurriculum committee for approval.


Approximately 250 words