Argumentative essay (1st draft) 3 pages or more | enc1102 | Miami-Dade College

Hello! I need an argumentative essay for my enc1102 class. this is the first draft for tomorrow, and then, in 7 days i have to submit the official one. (TURN IT IN)

Topic: Based  on  your understanding    of Zimbardo’s lecture and using the short stories   as   your   evidence   write   an argument   answering   the   following: Which  is  the  greater  evil,  an  obvious evil or a banal evil? 

heres the link for zimbardo’s lecture on youtube

Journey From the Psychology of Evil to the Psychology of Heroism – Standford 

and on the files i’m going to submit the five stories that should be used as evidence.

The first 2 files are for the structure of the essay and all you need to know. The last five are the stories . 


Approximately 250 words