Acc 281 week 5 post assessment questions

1.     A company’s ending accounts receivable balance and the period’s advertising expense would be found on which financial statements, respectively

2.     How does financial accounting differ from managerial accounting

3.     What calculation would you use to determine the net income

4.     Your healthcare organization recently purchased some office equipment on account. The proper entry would involve a

5.     The income statement and balance sheet approaches are used to estimate uncollectible accounts. Which of the following comments applies to both of these approaches

6.     Kaplan’s Medical Clinic uses the allowance method of accounting for bad debts. The company recently wrote off the $135 balance of Karen Sorrell as uncollectible. As a result of the write-off, Kaplan’s Medical Clinic will experience

7.     The inventory cost flow assumption in which the oldest costs incurred become part of cost of goods sold when units are sold is

8.     Depreciation is

9.     Regulations and Rules in the Accounting Practice:  There are basic accounting     rules that all organizations must follow.  The purpose of these rules is to make sure that sound accounting principles are being followed.  There are private entity rules and governmental entity rules.  Which of the following acronym would best describe these regulations and rules

10.  Determining which type of organization to form can take some time to figure it out and can be based on your preferences.  Why do many health organizations choose the corporate structure

11.  Which type of organization divides equity by percentage of ownership

12.  The Discount on Notes Payable account

13.  Assume that Robert Conrad, a nurse, worked 45 hours last week. He is paid $28 per hour, with hours in excess of 40 being compensated at one and one half times the regular rate. Income tax withholdings amounted to $270; his medical insurance deduction was $30. The Social Security tax rate is 6% on the first $55,000 earned per employee, and Medicare is 1.5% on the first $130,000. Cumulative gross pay before considering the preceding data totaled $54,202. What is Conrad’s take-home pay

14.  London Corporation paid $1,000 of accounts payable with cash on the last day of the month. The company had a current ratio of 4 before the disbursement. As a result of this payment, the current ratio will

15.  Many similarities exist when we compare service, merchandising, and manufacturing organizations.  Which type of business in the healthcare industry would fit the manufacturing classification

16.  If the total fixed cost and the contribution margin per unit of product are given, explain how to compute the number of units that must be sold to break even

17.  What are the criteria for determining whether materials are direct or indirect

18.  What best describes the purpose of a budget

19.  Which of the following are common causes for labor efficiency variances?  Check all that apply

20.  What is the advantage of the accounting rate of return method?


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